Why land is the best investment

There are so many investment opportunities, a common question is ‘why is investing in land any different from everything else that I could invest in? Many investments involve goods that are naturally limited to a certain amount. For instance, there is only so much gold in the world. No matter how much people buy gold, […]

8 Factors to consider when buying land

There are various things to consider when buying land and I have discussed them as below: Building Site Approval. Find out if you are allowed to build on the land from the countries land authorities that must have the records for this. Water. Does the site have adequate access to water? How deep will you […]

What makes land good for ranching?

A Water Source – One of your main concerns of land suitable for ranching is water. You need water for livestock, for crops you plan on growing . I This is actually one of the most important concerns you should have when you are looking at these ranch country properties. Plenty of Grass – Grass […]

Qualities of good farming land

Good land is a mixture of organic matter, sand, silt and clay, and the amount of each component is important. Very sandy soil does not hold water well, and an over abundance of clay holds too much. Other important characteristics are the depth of the soil and its ability to bind nutrients for plant use.. […]

Why you should buy Land

Investment The biggest reasons for buying land is for the investment. Land is usually an appreciating asset, meaning the property value will go up as time goes on. For those willing to stick with a long-term plan, you could potentially make money buying land, letting it go up in value and then reselling it for […]

How to buy land in Kenya

These are basic steps that you should follow in buying land in Kenya. Hiring a lawyer is important, but there are things you need to do by yourself first. This will reduce your legal fees greatly, and make your transaction time less. The procedure of buying land is as follows: Identification: There are various ways […]