Buying Land in Kenya – Avoiding Scams

Here are a few good suggestions on how to avoid scams when buying land in Kenya; a few tips to help you get that juicy piece of land that is for sale without losing your hard-earned money to fraudsters.

  • Avoid haste. Don’t be pressured into doing quick mindless deals! This exposes you to known scams and fraudsters who will take advantage of the lack of proper decision making. Take your time and make sure you check references. Don’t make sudden decisions.
  • Trust your gut feeling. When something does not feel right, it probably is not right! Pay attention to every little feeling that you get as this is usually a subtle nudge from your sub-conscious mind that noticed something you may have overlooked. Look for clues of inconsistency. Lack of professionalism in any form: anxiety or unnecessarily withheld information. Insist on complete openness. Real-estate professionals don’t mind verifying facts, references and legal documentation.
  • Follow the law! Never bypass the correct process of legal documentation. Do not get tempted to “save money” by not following the legal procedure of buying land in Kenya. Look, there are no real shortcuts. Take time to know and understand the Laws of Kenya and then follow them. Sign your documents yourself with witnesses in the presence of a certified lawyer. A certified lawyer will walk you through the land purchase process from contract until you have the land title deed. If you do these things, your land venture shall succeed in Kenya.
  • Compare and contrast. Take ample time to examine your best options. Look at more than one piece of land and talk with more than one seller. Discuss with your family, friends and advisers then make your decision.
  • Do not get emotionally attached. Don’t fall “in love” with a piece of land before you buy it so much that you cannot make a rational unbiased decision on whether it is a good investment. This is a huge pitfall for inexperienced buyers – don’t fall for it

While this is not an exhaustive list, we hope it helps to make your experience of buying land in Kenya better in any and all ways.

In our experience patient, rational buyers get the best land and make the most profit. We hope this will be you after purchasing your piece of land in Kenya!

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