8 Factors to consider when buying land

There are various things to consider when buying land and I have discussed them as below:

  1. Building Site Approval. Find out if you are allowed to build on the land from the countries land authorities that must have the records for this.
  2. Water. Does the site have adequate access to water? How deep will you have to drill to access it? What is the flow rate of the well? Do you have rights to surface water?
  3. Ventilation. Do you have adequate natural air flow to ventilate and cool the home? Find out if your ranch has free air ventilation for your own comfort as you plan to settle there.
  4. Enough room to Breathe. Do you have enough space to live the life you want to live?
  5. Proximity. How much driving will you need to do on a weekly basis? Find out your proximity to the needed resources in your ranch for example food, shopping, schools medical services etc
  6. Utilities. What is the access to utilities? Find out if you have near access to requirements and utilities that you may need.
  7. Community Services. Is there a fire department near you? How about an ambulance? How close you need to be to such services will depend on many things, your health is one of them.
  8. Beauty and Comfort. Does the land feel right in your heart? Find out if the land you are planning to buy feels ok for you before you buy.


  1. Please advise on how then do land buyers even after following the due process in land purchase and have obtained genuine titles are later on told that the land is sitting a road reserve and has been gazzetted for road/airport expansion…..

    • buyland says:

      This usually happens as a consequence of corruption. The seller may have gotten what looks like a good and clear title deed corruptly.

      One is advised to always consult area development plans and applicable by-laws.

    • alex iam sorry that the due process was not followed as you sir,for example due diligence of search at the land registry was not done as ,the buyer would have realised the land had CAVEAT EMPTOR(buyer beware)the land is not for sale

  2. Hello.how much doed 50by 100cost..kenyan money??

    • lucy it depends on the location of the land and if its a prime land, or if its for domestic purposes (residential area)

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